· Police Verification from local Police Station

Physically verify from the local Police Station of the employee’s current residential area whether any case or Criminal Offence has been filed against his name of the candidate with them. The local Police Station gives us a stamped verification about the findings about the candidate.

Based on the client’s need we can provide this service for the candidate’s location of permanent address and any other cities / areas that he may have lived in the past.




·   The court records background check records the date of filing the civil or criminal court case, and, where available, the identity of parties involved. In order to ensure the success of your organization, get BP Associate to carry out pre-employment court record checks. 



 Employee Background Verification enables you to take hiring decisions based on trust by authenticating the credentials of prospective employees like their identity, education, professional, criminal background and reputation amongst others. 


ASST Tracing

 Asset verification is the process of making valid the information on assets, for example for property, plant and equipment; confirming the existence, location and condition of the asset. Knowing what assets you have, where they are located, when they were purchased, if they are still in use, etc. is critical to any organization. 



   Database Check verifies whether the candidates name figures in any media, public/proprietary database of negative profiles including criminal databases, civil litigation databases, credit databases and compliance databases.  


Address Check

   Address validation is the process of checking a residential and cooperative address against an authoritative database to see if the address is valid.  If the address in matches an given address in the official database, the address "validates", meaning it's a real address. Addresses that do not match any addresses in the database are marked as "invalid", meaning the address either doesn't exist or isn't registered with the official postal service.


Document Examination

Document Examination

Our organisation provides the services in document examination which includes the several parameters like: Comparison between the Original and Disputed Document, Identification of the document (photocopy, scanned or original).

1. Comparison between the Original and Disputed Document .

2. Identification of the document (photocopy, scanned or original) .

3. Examination of Alteration, Deletion and Addition of the content in the documents .

4. Analysis of Marks like Punch marks, Staple marks, U-clip marks